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Frequently Asked Questions

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At ZiTeeth, we strive for the best customer experience as we can possibly achieve. In some countries, Free Express Shipping may not always be available, but we do offer Free Standard Shipping (Which will generally take 1-3 weeks) If you sign up for our newsletter, we will notify you when select products are on sale or have free express shipping. (5-20 days)

Please note that some shipping methods will NOT have tracking information available – you will be informed of this before you checkout

If products still haven’t arrived after expected shipping times (for products with no tracking) please inform us on our Contact Us page and we will help you out.

Where's my Stuff/Tracking #?

24 Hours or Less After Purchase

If you have ordered an item in the past 24 hours, please note that it takes 1 day to ship it out, please wait another day for the tracking information to be updated as we get the information from the shipping company.

48 Hours to 96 Hours After Purchase

If it has been longer than 2 days and you still don’t have tracking information, please contact us at support@ziteeth.com or fill out a ticket in the contact us page.

5 Days or More After Purchase

If you are here because you haven’t received a tracking number 5 days or more after purchase, we apologize in advance. There may be technical issues on our end (and please note that we will only send the item out once we receive notification of a full payment) so please email us (see link above) or fill out a ticket in the contact us page.

2 Weeks After Tracking Information Was Received (Expedited Shipping)

If you haven’t received a product that has been shipped using expedited shipping after 2 weeks, and you are living in the USA, please refer to your tracking number for more details. Sometimes the shipping can slow down depending on what region you live in.

For international customers, expedited shipping takes 1-3 weeks, so please don’t worry, check the updates on your tracking number and your product should arrive in time.

Standard Shipping Times

For most items, standard shipping can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on where you live. In North America, and Europe, shipping times should take only 3-4 weeks and may vary. Most items shipped with Standard Shipping will have a tracking number but in the event it doesn’t, we will be happy to refund you the money 2 months after the order date. (Standard shipping will take 2 months at the most) 


If you plan on buying more than 10 products. Just email us. Or, you can use the contact us form (see the navigation bar on the top or side of the page)

We have extremely competitive rates, whether you are looking to resell or are buying a lot of spinners as a favor for a birthday party. We have something for you!

Of course, we offer wholesale discounts on our other spinners too, just email or contact us!

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